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When to Contact Us


I’m worried about my data

Help identify and prevent data breaches

Train you in managing and protecting your data

Remove sensitive data present online

Personal Doxing

Analyzing and mitigating online personal information exposures

Privacy Modeling

Analyzing threats to implement adequate defense measures

Privacy-Focused Hardware

Providing privacy-oriented hardware

Brand Impersonation

We monitor malicious apps and websites that attempt to exploit your brand for phishing attacks


I’m not sure if my company is sufficiently

Security Architecture Assessment

We assess the architecture and robustness of your infrastructure

Technical Security Compliance

We verify compliance with existing security regulations

Threat Modeling

We identify and analyze threats to develop defense strategies

Penetration test

We conduct penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities and assess the resilience of the infrastructure

Managing Orphaned IT Infrastructure1

Opening directories within your domains or IP addresses;

Modifications to Whois/SSL/DNS for some of your domains;

Expiring SSL certificates and domains

1 Orphaned IT Infrastructure refers to old software, sites, and devices no longer in use but that can contain data potentially usable by attackers.

Social Engineering/Phishing Tests

We simulate social attacks to assess the resilience of the organization

Security Training

We train your staff

Security-Focused Hardware

Providing security-oriented hardware

Dark Web Monitoring

We identify any signs of compromise of company data or data breaches, and check for the presence of your data on the Dark (Deep) Web.

Crypto & Bitcoin Focus

I have some questions about how to handle cryptocurrencies

General Privacy Rules

How to preserve anonymity, minimize digital footprint, and protect transaction details

We Provide Hardware and Software for Cryptocurrency Transaction Management

We find reliable and secure over-the-counter platforms for cryptocurrency transactions

Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery

KYC Data Removal

Assisting Law Enforcement in Investigations

How we protect you

These might be ’buzzwords’ to you, but for us, they are everyday work tools.


Our AI-based cybersecurity service detects and responds to threats in real time, minimizing false positives

Deep Learning

We identify complex patterns and anomalies in traffic and use adaptive protection mechanisms that evolve based on the nature of the threats

Machine Learning

We continually improve the accuracy of threat detection and adapt it to new attack systems, reducing the cost of manual development

Data Science

We analyze security data arrays to identify hidden vulnerabilities